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Eminent Domain and Condemnation are interrelated terms.   Eminent Domain is the taking of property by federal, state or government for a “public use,” while Condemnation is the exercising of eminent domain to “take” property by an authorized public or private agency.   Regardless of what you call it the effect is the same, your property is taken for public use. You need an attorney who can protect your rights through the eminent domain process and work to get you the very best compensation for that taking. You deserve just compensation!

Eminent Domain occurs in a number of situations such as the taking of property by the Department of Transportation for road creation or expansion, or when the government decides to expand various public utilities such as water, sewer or natural gas, or when an authorized third party desires to expand its infrastructure, such as airports or schools.

My background makes me uniquely qualified to assist you in these types of matters.   Along with my Juris Doctorate degree, I have a Masters of Studies in Environmental Law which contained detailed study of land use and land planning, property rights and remedies, and land qualities and values to specific uses.   I have appeared before every type of land planning body, municipal or state agency and/or courts on behalf of clients for a number of reasons related to their specific property needs. The detailed work I have provided my clients has led to tremendous results for their needs.  In addition, I have served on various boards and bodies dealing with land planning and this experience allows me to offer the client additional variety of perspectives.   

I work closely with other attorneys in this state who deal with and practice extensively in the areas of Eminent Domain and Condemnation.  I also use my connections and contact with local and state representatives to assist in achieving the best results for my client. This allows my clients to have confidence that by retaining my services they not only get my experience, knowledge, and connections throughout the state, but the experience, knowledge and connections of other respected practitioners throughout the state.  This collaboration can provide unique information as to the specific project which is the subject of the eminent domain proceeding.

Call today to discuss how I can assist you in obtaining the maximum value of your property taken.